Master of Management Study Program was established with the aim of nurturing reliable and ethical business leaders and creative entrepreneurs in optimizing local resources. This position was chosen to strengthen the university’s vision which is based on the development of rural or local resources. We recognize the importance of taking this role because change in a broad context is something that cannot be avoided, and at the same time, change always requires new competencies, perspectives, habits, even cultures. We invite practitioners in various fields or business sectors, entrepreneurs, and fresh graduates who are interested in broadening and deepening perspectives, building new insights, and building adaptive capabilities in navigating increasingly complex environmental dynamics.

The Master of Management study program is supported by qualified human resources in their scientific fields, who are constantly sharpened through quality research activities and community services that are useful in enriching the learning process. Proximity to local resources built through years of sustainable research and community service activities is a strong asset to create unique, grounded, and inspiring learning models

Dr. Refius Pradipta Setyanto, M.Si